A Survival Guide to Raising Boys


A Survival Guide to Raising Boys

Parenting can be challenging regardless of the gender. However, raising boys can be somewhat a little more difficult than raising girls. Raising a boy that has compassion and learns how to adapt to different surroundings and situations without having a meltdown is a goal all parents want to achieve.

A Survival Guide to Raising Boys

Facts To Consider When Raising Boy Children

Understand the High Energy Levels– Boys usually do have more energy than girls, it is a proven, normal fact of life. It is for this reason that boy children need an outlet to run around, climb things and just be boys, or else all that energy will get pent-up quickly. It is important, however, that your son understands that there is a time and place for releasing all that energy and places like the classroom is not one of those places.

Allow Him to Develop Social Skills– Boys are usually not as social as girls, this is a true fact of life. Instead of forming close friendships, they tend to play with a group of boys instead. It is important that your son forms bonds with other boy children. You can encourage this by arranging playdates, where your child can learn things like good manners, sharing his toys and playing nicely.

Encourage His Interests– You may think that your child will have regular boy interests like baseball and video games, but this is not true of all boys. If your son is interested in taking dance classes, let him do so. Yes, some of his friends might tease him or pick on him but your job is to instill in him a strong sense of self.

Praise His Positive Efforts– It is a fact that boy children are not always on their best behavior. In fact, they are often reprimanded, scolded and corrected at home and at school. So, in order to counteract this, it is important to take notice when your son does something good.

Encourage Positive Male Role Models– If you happen to be a Mom of a boy child and are raising him in a single parent household, it is important that you have a positive male role model in his life. This person will become his mentor and someone that he can confide in. This adult male could be a grandfather, uncle, cousin or even someone in scouting or another organization that is specifically for young boys.

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