A Lot on Her Plate – Cookbook Review


A Lot On Her Plate – Cookbook Review

I normally do not do book reviews, especially ebooks. However, there are a few genres that I do not mind reviewing in hardcopy. One of my choices are children’s books as they often have a message that they want to get across to young children. The other genre that I simply cannot pass up is cookbooks. I simply love food!

My obsession with food does not start at the dinner table. I do not eat very much, but have always loved to cook. I loved my home economics class and the teacher certainly did notice. I, in fact, would have loved to become a chef if life did not take another turn.

School was not my only involvement with food, when I was a teenager I belonged to a grass roots youth organization who spent the summer working on a farm out in the country. My chore was to feed the pigs and to make and  bake hundreds of loaves of bread of all different types to sell at the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings.

As an adult, I worked in a school lunch program, assisting the cook in food prep and serving. During this time I also worked with disadvantaged youth in another food program that purchased locally grown fruits and vegetables for schools, daycares, and seniors. Some of the fruits and vegetables were imported, especially during off season.

I worked there for over 10 years, making sure that all of these organizations received fresh fruit and vegetables at least once a week. I also worked in the massive kitchen preparing full meal lunches for about 50 adults.

Another venue in which I was really busy with food was also when my children were small. I used to volunteer my time in a community outreach program for abused women. A friend and I, used to prep and make a full meal for about 20 women with children, at least 3 times a week.

Once the cooking was done, the women and children could sit down for a full lunch/dinner. We often made extras so the women could take home one or two Styrofoam dishes full of freshly cooked food. So you see it is only natural for me to jump at the opportunity to review cookbooks!

Let me tell you, A Lot on Her Plate by Rosie Birkett surely      does not disappoint! I was so excited when the book finally arrived in the post. I ripped open the package and squealed with delight. This cookbook is a food lovers dream!

One big plus is that the book is hardcover, which means that it will last for a long time. Once I got it out of the package my eyes took in the sheer beauty of the cover. As you can see, it definitely is pleasing to the eye. The back cover was no different, as it showed a group of people sitting down to a feast that was lovingly and skillfully prepared.



When I opened the cover, my eyes were treated to food graphics on the inside cover.



I knew then, I was definitely in for a treat and could not wait to look inside and also share with you, A Lot on Her Plate – Cookbook Review. So now that you have an intro, let’s take a look at what is inside!

The cookbook consists of 245 pages of recipes and photographs of food. There is also a thank you page, an about page, and an index. The recipe index is arranged in alphabetical order rather than by serving categories. Here you will find food products listed from A-W. I love the font that they have chosen for the writing of the recipes. It is a somewhat large font that is easy on the eyes and very easy to read, even for those who have dwindling eyesight, like me!


As I turn the pages, I see a forward page as well as an introduction. The forward page gives us a glimpse into the author, Rosie Birkett’s, frame of mind, her love of food, and life. She lives her life to the fullest. figuratively and literally, with A Lot on Her Plate.

She begins with telling a story of how her love of food and cooking all began. She then takes us on a tour of her recipes that include- Breakfast and Brunch, Starters and Small Plates, Snacks and Sides, Bigger Plates and Super Suppers, Feasts for Friends, Salads and Vegetables, Desserts and Drinks, and Essentials.

The author then tells you what the book is about. It is also a learning experience for those who are about to set up their own living quarters, or just learning to cook. It has a page explaining how to shop as well as a page that clearly displays the more common cooking equipment as well as their names. It also tells you to familiarize yourself with your local food shops and the importance of buying local.

Then we come to a basic ingredients page. Here the author list several items that she simply must have in her kitchen, along with a brief explanation of items that are not as common.

As you turn the pages, your eyes feast on images of culinary delights, as well as some scenic and nature paintings.  Then we start into the recipe section! Each section has its own introduction, which I absolutely love. It really makes you feel that you can relate to the author in one way shape or form.

As I turn the pages, I can easily get full just by looking at the beautiful images. I read through the recipe with no hardship at all. My mind starts to spin as I read the ingredient list and I think to myself, will I attempt to make this dish for my family sometime in the near future.

Rice, risotto, calamari, mango salsa, tuna tacos, vegetable curry, peanut butter ice cream, polenta, squash soup, cheesecake, pies, tarts, cordials, spritz, chicken stock, cassoulet, and so much more.

I took a couple of pictures from the cookbook to share with you, but my photography skills certainly do not do them justice.

A Lot On Her Plate- Front Cover

Here are two images from the cookbook entitled “A Look on Her Plate”. I hope you enjoy them!


Baby Potato and Rosemary Pizza

Baby Potato and Rosemary Pizza

 Coconut Curry Soup


A Lot on Her Plate - Coconut Curry Soup



I hope that you have enjoyed reading my take on the cookbook entitled “A Lot on Her Plate’ by Rosie Birkett. I loved this cookbook and recommend it for people who are just learning how to cook or those that want to try out new recipes or hone their cooking skills.

One thing I will say about the cookbook, if you are looking for a cookbook that is laden with meat preparation and recipes, this book ain’t it. However, it does contain a couple of recipes containing meat, but these are more like lunch or brunch, or what I call grab and go foods.

It is the perfect gift for a bridal shower, a housewarming gift, a birthday, a Christmas gift, a just because gift, or even as a gift to yourself!

I really did enjoy receiving and reviewing this cookbook entitled ‘A Lot of Her Plate” by Rosie Birkett. I can guarantee that if you do purchase one for yourself, you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Jason Nail

    Having been an elementary teacher for so many years, I’ve seen all kinds of lunch ladies. The ones who cared really made a difference in food quality. I had one that used to make us homemade biscuits with egg and cheese.

  2. Tania

    What a great cook-book! And I love the name; very catchy! My daughter would love to have this book for her collection. Thanks for sharing your review. 🙂

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