7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Motivated in School


7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Motivated in School

Your children will spend about 13 years in school (more if they attend preschool), so it’s important to keep your kids motivated and excited. As they age, there will be different obstacles and struggles that could hinder their passion for school, but thankfully, parents can usually combat that with actions of their own.

Below are seven ways you can help keep your kids motivated and focused!


7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Motivated in School

1. Set high expectations for their school performance.

Parents need to set a bar for their children so there will be a drive and enthusiasm to succeed. If it’s apparent that Mom and Dad don’t really care about attendance or grades, the child is likely to give little thought to staying motivated.

2. Reward their efforts – even if they fail.

Take note of how well your child is working on assignments. Even when they didn’t do as well as expected, it’s important to see they tried hard and point that out. Verbal praises are always effective in keeping their motivation high, as most kids like to hear they are doing well. Material rewards may be necessary to keep those struggling motivated – though a little treat is nice for anyone from time to time.

3. Avoid criticizing your children.

Nothing can kill a child’s motivation quicker than negative comments that put them down. Refrain from calling your child names, punishing them for a bad grade when they tried their best, or nit-picking everything they have done. If aren’t pleased with their school performance, look for ways you can support them to do better rather than tear them down.

4. Further their education at home.

Keeping the excitement for subjects at home can really help your children like itl and want to do well. If they like to read, buy lots of books or take trips to the library. Simple science experiments can be done at home to show your interest in what they are learning. A conversation on the presidents or the history of our country can also help motivate your child to be excited about learning.

5. Set routines and stick with them.

It’s hard to stay motivated about anything if you are disorganized or tired. Set an appropriate bedtime for your school-aged children, and be consistent with it. Have a morning routine that includes breakfast and plenty to time to get ready so everyone gets a good start to their day.

6. Allow them to have fun before/after school.

Encourage extracurricular clubs or sports so children can be more involved. Participation in these activities are usually dependent on the child’s school performance, so if they want to continue having fun, they must stay motivated to do well with their assignments.

7. Be a very involved parent.

Generally, children are more excited about attending school if their parents are involved. This can also help you notice any signs of struggle or disinterest from your children before it becomes a real problem. Attend school events, parent/teacher conferences, field trips, and anything else asked of your child or his teacher. Volunteer with the classroom if you have the time, to show your children how much you value their education.

How do you motivate your children to stay focused?

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