7 Perennial Garden Flowers You Will Love


I love planting perennial garden flowers.  They are so easy to maintain, and of course, anything that comes back regularly is a plus in my book.  Whether they come back for two years, or for twenty years, these types of flowers are a great addition to any flower bed.  This makes my life as a gardener much easier to manage, and gives me a great base of plants to design around.


7 Perennial Garden Flowers You Will Love

7 Perennial Garden Flowers You Will Love


When designing your flower beds, you want to consider a few things.  First, you want to include your personal favorites.  Secondly, you want to consider how much time and effort you will have to put into your garden each year planting, pruning, and weeding.  One great addition to save you time is a few beautiful perennial garden flowers.  You can feel confident that these are going to grow year to year, so there is less planting for you to worry about taking care of.  That leaves more time for you to fertilize the soil, do regular weeding, and maybe even add in a beautiful water feature or two in your garden.

Garden Phlox: This flowering plant is a great choice for bright color that easily fills in your garden.  The flowers last for easily 6 weeks in the summer, and come in a wide range of colors.  These are great for filling in gaps between seasons, or for adding to an area where taller flowers are needed.

The colors of Garden Phlox include pink, white, lavender, and purple.  Since they can grow up to 3 feet tall and spread easily, you will want to put them toward the back of your garden or against a wall.  Make sure to thin them out and spread out as needed so they don’t get too overgrown.  This type is one that prefers moist soil, so make sure you water them regularly to keep them thriving.

Iris:  Another iconic choice is the beautiful Iris.  These delicate flowers come in a multitude of shades, and are taller so better for planting toward the back or against walls.  They bloom in Spring and are common choices for weddings in late Spring and early summer. There are almost as many varieties of Iris as there are shades.  Small, medium, large, and all great choices for any flower garden.

The Iris is a bulb plant that grows well in almost any climate.  They do need water, but prefer to be well-drained.  They thrive in gardens, but don’t work as well in a container as the soil can become too moist and harm the plant.

Coneflower: Coneflower is also know as Echinacea, is another vibrantly colored great choice in flowers.  In the daisy family, it has a beautiful dark center with brightly colored petals.  Pink, yellow, and orange are the most common colors, and since this plant is versatile for nearly any region it is a great choice for planting in any garden.

Forget-Me-Nots: Everyone loves the pretty flowers of Forget-Me-Nots, and the fun practice of schoolgirls to pluck petals and say, “he loves me, he loves me not”.  The blue or almost purple color is a bright addition to any garden, and since they like moist areas, they are often great for regions that get more rain.  They are lower to the ground than others and thus make a great ground cover for open spaces.

Aster: The bright slender petals of the aster make it a favorite for adding color. Since they bloom in late summer and early fall, they are an excellent choice for transitional gardening from season to season.  Depending on the particular variety you choose, they can be a great ground cover, or be a taller plant for in the back of your garden.  They range in height from the 6”-10” range for most common varieties, and up to 8′ tall for special varieties.

Asters are often seen in bouquets in the fall, and are know for deep orange and red colors.  They can also come in purples and pinks.  Planting a fall colored garden is easy when you include the aster in your garden plans.

Lenten Rose: If you need something that grows well in shady areas, the Lenten Rose is an excellent choice for you.  They are great for moist soil, but need plenty of room to grow as they tend to take over the entire area of where you plant them.  With multiple colors available, they are a great choice for a large area as ground cover that will also make a beautiful flower that is great for a fun bouquet.

While their name is rose, the are not like nay other rose species.  They are truly unique, but beautiful with their open petals and beautiful colors.

Daffodils:  There is nothing that screams Spring quite like seeing rows of Daffodils blooming in the yards in your neighborhood.  The iconic yellow and white flowers have six petals and a teacup looking center of alternate color.  They are great because they are easy to maintain and grow in almost any soil.  They make excellent border flowers for a lower garden.  They are also great for edging a driveway or property line.

Daffodils come in many sizes, but most are around 10” tall.  Look for different varieties to create a beautiful multi-colored garden that has different varieties of the ideal Spring perennial garden flowers.

As you plan your garden, consider perennial garden flowers as a great base that will grow again year after year.  This list includes some great flowers that thrive in all seasons.  Planting different flowers of the type that grow during each season will make your gardening much easier to manage.  You’ll expect and know that many plants will begin blooming at certain times each year, and you can manage your garden around those blooms.  These are excellent choices for your flower garden this year.




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