5 Frugal Ideas for Your Home


We are often forced to budget due to the high cost of living. Our wages simply do not allow for extra expenditures such as movie outings, shopping trips, or even a vacation. Often we find that our wages go toward everyday expenses such as transportation costs and bills. We struggle to make ends meet and we have learned how to be frugal and make our food dollars stretch. We have to in order to make it to the next paycheck.

5 Frugal Ideas

There are many items in your home that you could use to improvise for household cleaners, room deodorizers, laundry aids, and so much more.

Here are 5 Frugal Ideas for Your Home

1.Prevent Splatters- Prevent splatters by using an aluminum pan to cover pots and fry pans. All you have to do is punch some holes in the bottom and use it to top the pan as you are cooking. The splatters will be caught under the pan and therefore, leave your stove top grease free. E-z Foil 90834 “Hefty”Pie Pan with Aluminum Foil (12 PK/3=36 PCS)Foil Pie Pan

2.Use Baking Soda- Use baking soda when you need to de-ice your sidewalk. If you do not happen to have de-icing salt, use baking soda instead. The baking soda will melt away the ice and be much safer for your wood and sidewalk. Church & Dwight #01110 16oz Arm & HammerArm & Hammer Baking Soda

3.Use Banana Peels- Use banana peels to remove the dust from your plants. All you need to do is take your banana peel and rub the leaf with the inside of the banana peel. Dust will be removed easily and you will leave a nice smell in your home.

4.Wet Teabags- Use wet tea bags under your eyes to remove tiredness. Another thing that wet tea bags are good for is relieving sunburn. You can also have a bath in tea bags as well. Lipton Tea, 312Count Tea Bags, 100 % Natural Tea Net Wt 24.9 Oz.Lipton Tea Bags

5.Vicks- Vicks works wonders for when you want to chase away those bugs. Mosquitoes, black flies, and ticks do not like the smell of Vicks. Therefore, they will steer clear of you. Vicks Vaporub Cough Suppressant Topical Analgesic Ointment 3.53 OzVicks Vaporub

These 5 frugal ideas will help you to save money as these items are things that you usually have in your home. Not only will they be less expensive then regular household cleaners, they will be less harmful to the environment. If you do not have them in your pantry, the next time you go shopping, make sure that you make sure to pick these items up.

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