5 Floral Landscaping Plants for Any Climate


If you are looking for some great floral landscaping plants to fit into your yard or around your home, we have some great options to share.  Floral landscaping is a way to take up some of the room in the areas around your driveway, near the edge of your yard, or near your house.  Places where you might find traditional shrubs or flower beds at are where these would be placed.  A nice ground cover that is flowering will lift the looks of your home, and be a bright spot of color in your gardens.


5 Floral Landscaping Plants  for Any Climate

5 Floral Landscaping Plants

for Any Climate

Adding some color to your landscape is a simple and frugal way to make your lawn and home more attractive.  The other benefits of course, include things like being able to clip fresh flowers to add to your entry table, or even having a beautiful setting for a family photograph with blooms in the background.  I love landscaping, and adding some brilliantly colored flowers to the area is always top on my list.

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Lavender.  Many people wonder why I always have lavender planted throughout my gardens.  Not only is lavender a wonderful addition to your garden with the beautiful colored buds it presents, but it grows easily in nearly any climate.  It also has great health benefits and comes in handy throughout the year.  I use lavender buds in homemade bath and beauty products, as well as for aromatherapy or in sachets to help relax at night.

Lavender grows in almost any climate, but isn’t as fond of really humid areas.  That said, with the right amount of shade and water, it can thrive anywhere and become a favorite beautiful floral landscaping plant that does double duty inside and outside your home.

Cockscomb.  You’ve probably seen these red crested plants in gardens or even growing wildly on more than one occasion.  Cockscomb is also know as celosia spicata, these are a great choice that can survive well in most climates.  They have lighter green leaves but rich red or even maroon flowers that pop against the green.

While they do well in direct sunlight, they do have an aversion to cold soil.  They are great for summer months in most areas, but once the frost hits, they tend to disappear.  They are however, great at spreading over your garden easily on their own, so you may want to watch where their seeds fall so you aren’t overrun with cockscomb the next growing season.

Flowering Tobacco.  No, this isn’t for you to use in cigarettes.  This is a beautiful flowering plant that thrives almost anywhere.  It does especially well in moist areas, so places in the Pacific Northwest might be ideal for using this flower in your landscaping.  It has a hearty look with plenty of green leaves and stems, but the delicate flowers pop with color.

Flowering tobacco is also known as, nicotiana, this plant is available with white, pink, rose, green, or lavender flowers.  The delicate petals are a beautiful and soft look against an otherwise stark landscape.  They are easy to grow, and are especially nice to plant since they simply grow from seeds.  This is one floral landscaping plants idea that I love to plant randomly between shrubs for a burst of color.  Most varieties grow in the 8”-12” height range, so not too tall, but they will lay down more and create somewhat of a ground covering type landscape if you prefer.

 Rose Moss:  This might be my all time favorite ground coverings.  Rose Moss is also known as, portulaca, this rose is a beautiful and simple flower that spreads abundantly.  It comes in a multitude of colors, and the reds and oranges are bright against the green moss like stems.  It lays low to the grown, so perfect for the front areas of your landscaped garden.  Limited leaves and thicker stems make this a very hearty choice.

One of my favorite things about Rose Moss as a floral landscaping plant, is the fact that if rooted well, can be trimmed back and will grow again the following year.  You can plant it from seeds, or seedlings purchased at your nursery.  Usually, you won’t need many plants to cover a large area since this will spread significantly throughout the season.  It thrives in almost any conditions, but especially does well in hot areas that struggle with other plant life surviving.

These plants will often grow multiple colored roses on each individual plant.  It is hard to color coordinate them with other plants, so expect this to be something that appears more like a lovely wildflower and planted at random.

Petunias.  If you ever look in local business or city landscaped areas, you’ll most likely see petunias growing.  Traditionally these flowers are white, purple, or shades of pink.  They are a hearty flower for most weather conditions, and they are soft and gentle ground cover that fit easily into any landscape.

Petunias are a delicate flower, but a hearty plant.  While their petals are soft and can easily be crushed, the stems and leaves are sturdy and stand up to various weather conditions.  Their blooms will continue throughout the heat of the summer and well into the fall.  They in fact, are one of, if not the most popular flowers you will find in most landscaped areas.

They do well in direct sunlight, so are ideal for the front of a garden or a landscaped area that will almost always be in the sunlight near your home.  They do not, however, spread much like other plants.  So, if using in your floral landscape design, you will want to plant these flowers closer together to cover more ground.

No matter what your home garden or landscape needs are, these 5 floral landscaping plants are ideal. They provide beautiful vibrant colored flowers for your viewing pleasure, and are easy to maintain.  Most of these flowers require very little care, and will produce beautiful flowers for months on end.  Mix and match to accent your home and preferences for a great beautifully landscaped garden and yard.

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