5 Extraordinary Uses for Coffee ‘Round the House


Fresh brewed coffee isn’t just for a boost of energy, or part of your morning routine, anymore. Coffee and coffee grounds have multiple purposes ’round the house…. Read more to find out 5 Extraordinary Uses for Coffee ‘Round the House.

Extraordinary Uses for Coffee 'Round the House

1. Fresh Ground Garden

After your morning “cup of joe” throw the used coffee filter and grounds straight into the compost pile.
Worms in a compost pile like to eat the bacterium that grows on the used coffee grounds.
You can also use coffee grounds in small amounts as fertilizer. The coffee grounds can be added directly to top soil, especially on plants that are likely to have high acidity in the soil like azaleas or roses.

2. Coffee Smelling Sachet

Fresh coffee grounds are an amazing deodorizer and odor absorber. If you have a pair of old panty hose lying around and fresh coffee grounds straight from the can or coffee grinder, you can make a coffee smelling sachet. Put the grounds into the foot of the panty hose, tie the end in to a knot. After your coffee sachet is complete, place in refrigerator, or other highly nose sensitive areas to absorb some of those gnarly odors, it smells amazingly delicious like coffee, too!

3. Color Me Coffee

Coffee grounds can be used to give fabric a worn or aged look. Who would have “thunk” it? For fabric dye: brew a regular pot of coffee and let cool. Completely immerse the fabric of choice into a container of coffee. Let soak for desired color and remove . Allow fabric to dry for 24 hours (or longer), then rinse fabric and let air dry. It will give your fabric of choice an aged appearance.

4. Coffee Stain

Coffee used to stain light colored wood beautifully. What you need to do is steep a strong pot of coffee and let it sit for a while. The stronger the brew the deeper the stain. The darker the brew the darker the wood stain will be. Let coffee cool. Place into different container. Paint the untreated wood with an old cloth or rag using the cooled coffee. Wipe off with a dry cloth when desired results are accomplished. You can leave the coffee on for several moments to let the stain soak into wood. You can also apply the stain more than once for a deeper shade. Using coffee grounds for staining wood is frugal. However, do not expect the same results as you would get when using a commercial stain.

5. Coffee is Abrasive

Coffee can be harmful for your body after prolonged use, but it can make an amazing cleaning agent. Used on skin or a nasty corroded pot it can scrub away and remove any dry skin or, even yesterday’s left overs left on the dishes. Cleaning abrasive: simply save up your coffee grounds and scoop some into your next dirty pot or pan before hand washing it, the absorbent grounds are perfect for greasy pans. Skin abrasive: Just use regular hand soap and a pinch of coffee grounds and scrub away the dirt and grime from your hands. Making them feel delicate and soft, again.

Before you throw out those grounds, or empty the pot of cold brew, keep these 5 uses in mind!

19 thoughts on “5 Extraordinary Uses for Coffee ‘Round the House

  1. karen

    I knew some of these coffee tips but not as well as you stated them. I knew you could add coffee grounds to a garden but not to a compost pile or that they are good for azaleas or roses. I knew that coffee could be used to dye clothes like getting an aged look to a white shirt but not as a stain for furniture. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Jan Hall

    We raise worms so I have been saving coffee grounds for many years. I do want to try using it to clean a greasy pan. I hadn’t thought about using coffee to stain wood.

  3. Brenda Dwyer

    Quite Interesting I shared this information w/ all my facebook & twitter friends! I know alot of coffee drinkers that would totally appreciate this information. I never knew you could use it as a stain or an abrasive or as a room deodorizer that is pretty cool needless to say. Thanks so much really enjoyed the post!

  4. nikki robak

    I had no idea that coffee could be used as a cleaning agent you would think it would make things dirty as it stains cups and teeth.

  5. Jacqueline Jacobs

    These are great tips for using coffee, I never thought of using coffee for anything but drinking. I will have to try some of the tips to see if they work.

  6. Lesa

    I have heard of these before but have forgotten! Thanks for the reminder, I think it would be fun to try staining an old tablecloth or something!

  7. Erin

    I always have coffee grounds around. I drink a pot a day, but I use mine in my azalea bushes. They are acid loving plants and coffee ground are great for them.

  8. Aine Garcia

    I didn’t know that coffee can absorb gnarly odors! I’d definitely try that! And because I love the aroma of it whenever I’m at coffe shops, I’d make them as a deodorizer from now on. Thanks for the great info! 😉

  9. Emily

    I’d heard about coffee being used for 1-4, but I never thought about using it as an abrasive. I’ll have to give it a shot!

  10. Irene Newstead

    We have composted coffee grounds for years and I did know some of the tips, but not all. Thanks for the info.

  11. Paula Ball

    I’ve been using coffe grounds for ears as a soil amendment. Work it into the soil at the base of your plants for added nutrients & better drainage.

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