5 Easy Ways to Build Self-Confidence


5 Easy Ways to Build Self-Confidence

5 Ways to Build Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is an emotion that borders between arrogant and assertive. It is a word that many know the meaning of but struggle with building that up within their own self. Let us discuss 5 easy ways to build self-confidence so you will feel better about yourself!

Stand Up Tall

Be conscious of your posture, seriously. One easy way to build it is to be more aware of standing tall and sitting tall. When you make a conscious effort to have better posture, you will almost immediately feel more confident just by using this one tip – having good posture!

Share a Kind Word with Others

This tip may sound surprising to you but seriously, have you ever felt that boost when you say something kind to another human being and see their face smile back to you? There is something about speaking kind words to others that boosts your self-esteem immediately that rush of knowing you just made another person’s day better!

Accept Compliments

When someone tells you that you look nice today, just say a simple “thank you”, do not over think and certainly do not reply with some negative response about the flaws you feel you see in the mirror. This outside person is lending you a kind word, take it to heart! Learning to accept compliments will start to help you see and acknowledge what other people see as a positive about you. When you start to realize how much beauty the world sees you have, eventually you will start to feel that within about your own self.

Positive Thoughts and Quotes

Download a positive quote app and look at it every single morning, starting your day off with a positive quote or saying will help set the happy mindset you need to be confident throughout the day. Share a positive thought or quote on Facebook with your network of friends, this will help make you feel as though 1: you are helping out someone else and 2: you are saying allowed to yourself that this is how you will live today. Doing this practice every day will ultimately lead you towards becoming a more self-confident person.

Surround Yourself with Uplifting People

The biggest factor in building or breaking self-confidence is the company you keep, we all can remember when our parents told us that we are the company we keep, and as an adult you will have learned this saying to be true. Surround yourself with only people who will uplift you, be positive and encouraging of your personal growth. Having the proper environment of positive friendships will only boost your ability to be more self-confident because you will be surrounding by people who truly care about you.

You Decide to Be Confident or Not

Ultimately it is under your control how you work to build your self-confidence. Surely you can choose to lead a dreary life of doubting yourself or work these 5 easy ways to build self-confident and become a stronger person tomorrow. Every day we wake up with a chance to be better, do better and make something of ourselves; today you are invited to utilize these tips to make a change for the better!

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