5 Christmas Activity Pages Printables




5 Christmas Activity Activity Pages Printables


Christmas break can be a stressful situation for parents of young children. Getting things prepared for the Christmas holidays is stressful enough, without young children being underfoot. Set aside an area for them to sit and craft or color. It will provide you with some breathing space. Keep their mind occupied with these 5 Christmas Activity Pages Printables. There are coloring pages and activity sheets for them to enjoy!

Christmas Activity Pages Printables-Cookies

Leaving milk and cookies for Santa at Christmas is a Christmas tradition. It started sometime in the 1930`s. It is believed that although they were in the midst of The Great Depression, parents wanted their children to learn about the importance of sharing.

5 Christmas Activity Pages Printables

Now Dasher and Dancer, ┬áComet, Cupid, Donner, and Blizen. And… let`s not forget Rudolph, are all Santa`s helpers. Bet you cannot wait for them to land upon your rooftop! Your children will enjoy coloring in these images relating to Christmas.

5 Christmas Activity Pages Printables-Ornament

Christmas Ornaments are a traditional centerpiece on a tree. Your children will enjoy using crayons or washable marker to color these in.

5 Christmas Activity Pages Printables-Toys

Mostly all children make a wish list. Have them color in these pictures and think about what Santa will bring them this year!

5 Christmas Activity Pages Printables-Tree

Usually homes are decorated for Christmas. The primary focal point is the Christmas Tree. Your children will enjoy making these trees this Christmas. Download your free Christmas tree and print it out, so your child can color it.


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5 Christmas Activity Pages Printables-Cookies

5 Christmas Activity Sheets-Color

5 Christmas Activity Pages Printables-Ornaments

5 Christmas Activity Pages-Toys

5 Christmas Activity Pages Printables-Tree



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