10 Tasty Cranberry Recipes


10 Tasty Cranberry Recipes

Cranberries are generally served at Thanksgiving and Christmas. These wonderful berries are rich in anti-oxidants and other important nutrients. Dried cranberries can be eaten as a whole or added to baked desserts such as cookies. These berries are white colored when they first appear on the tree and are larger than the leaves. Once ripe, they turn a bright red.

Most of the cranberries grown are processed into juice and cranberry sauce. Whole berries can be kept frozen for a period up to nine months and added to recipes as a whole berry. Here are 10 Tasty Cranberry Recipes that you may like to try.

10 Tasty Cranberry Recipes

tasty cranberry recipes

1. Cranberry Cornbread Sausage Stuffing– Home Cooking Memories
2. Cranberry Salad-Love to Be in the Kitchen
3. Cranberry Relish– Amanda’s Cooking
4. Cranberry Apple Sauce– Sweet Pea Savings
5. Cranberry Kutchen Coffee Cake- Amanda’s Cooking
6. Cranberry Fudge Mini Cheesecakes-Family Food and Travel
7. Pork Chops in Cranberry Sauce-Family Food and Travel
8. Cranberry Pineapple Jello Salad-The Thrifty Couple
9. Cranberry Conserve-Carolyn’s Homework
10. Cranberry Walnut Bread-I Was Born to Cook

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