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 A Life Remembered I have had this poem for many years, first on a piece of newspaper print, that has become weathered over the years. Thankfully, I also copied it into a notebook. Just how long have I had it, you may be wondering, let’s just say a long, long, time. In fact, I still [Read more]

Who Do You See?

Biscuit Day Biscuit Day is May 29th. Homemade biscuits are to die for. Many people on the US eat biscuits for breakfast. These type of biscuits are really small bread rolls. An example would be biscuits and gravy. Tea biscuits are made with shortening, flour, butter, and a little bit of butter. These are baked [Read more]

Biscuit Day

Hamburger Day Hamburger Day is May 28th. Did you know that the hamburger is a staple in the Western Hemisphere? In fact, more than 1 million of them are served up by fast food joints annually. I think they are more of a convenience food to grab while you are out shopping or have forgotten [Read more]

Hamburger Day

Senior Health & Fitness Day Senior Health & Fitness Day is May 27th. Although some seniors may have limited mobility due to accident, genetics, or diseases associated with their age, it is important that they participate in some sort of low-key exercise to keep their joints limber as much as possible. Exercises for seniors fall [Read more]

Senior Health & Fitness Day

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links** It’s that time of year again! The class of 2015 is graduating high school and college and ready to embark on their next adventure. PartyPail has everything you need to send them on their way [Read more]

PartyPail Graduation Party Supplies

Disclaimer- I was not compensated for helping with this promotional giveaway in any way. Nor is Priceless Product Reviews Giveaways and Freebies responsible for prize shipment. Mini iPad Giveaway The makers of the Freedome App are so happy to have launched this product that they are offering a giveaway for a Mini iPad plus a year [Read more]

Mini iPad Giveaway Courtesy of F-Secure

Blueberry Cheesecake Day May 26th is Blueberry Cheesecake Day. Cheesecake is extremely popular in many areas of the world. Depending on which country you reside in or visit often determines which type of cheese is used to make the creamy filling. Americans often use cream cheese in the making of cheesecake. However, if you were [Read more]

Blueberry Cheesecake Day
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